Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting Settled

This is a current pic of Asher (taken a few weeks ago). He is pulling his firetruck around the back yard.
As many of you know, and for those of you who don't know, we have moved back home to the GREAT state of TEXAS. We are living with my in laws until we get a place of our own. We got here about Nov. 20, so we are slowly getting adjusted to being back home. Although the weather has been is currently only 44 degrees outside and the last couple days it has not even been above freezing most of the day. I think we brought this weather with us...cuz this is SOO not Texas
Anyway, we had a wonderfully, quiet, non-eventful Christmas. We stayed around the house and just spent Christmas with the family, and the same for new years. Although we did go over to Kent's best friends house and spend the night with them and ring in the new year there. I can't believe it's a new decade already. Time sure does fly. I am just hoping and praying that this year is MUCH MUCH better than last year.
I got a job at Chick-Fil-A where I am currently a cashier in training to be a Team Leader (lower mgmt).
Kent is working at McDonalds...and in the process of trying to switch to Chick-Fil-A (a different owner operater than me)
Asher, well, Asher is still just Asher....cute as ever and growing like a WEED.

Happy 2010 Everyone.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

God is FAITHFUL!!!

Well, sorry for the hiatus! I know I've been gone for a while, and I'm sorry for that. We have had A LOT happen the last few months/weeks. God has been really good to us through the trials though. One thing that I have learned through it all is to FULLY relly on HIM in EVERY aspect of life. And also that HIS timing is PERFECT and WHATEVER happens in life, if we are following HIS will and HE only does it to make us stronger.

As many of you know about the loss we suffered back in Feb., we suffered another loss on two weeks ago or so. It all started when I learned I was pregnant again. It was Aug. 24. I was SOO excited and wanted to do EVERYTHING right. I had gone to the dr. that following Monday. I had already had two bloodtests and all seemed okay with the they were not concerned, but still wanted to watch me closely. It was on Sunday, September 13 that I started bleeding again. So, we got in the car and headed to the ER. The did SERVERAL tests and lots of bloodwork, as well as two u/s (the regular one and an internal one-to check for an ectopic pregnancy). According to the day of my last cycle, Sunday was the start of my 8th week (or rather supposed to be), but when they did the u/s they measured me at only 5weeks and 4days). We were concerned, but clinging(praying that) to the numbers/math being wrong until otherwise.

After 4 1/2 hours in the ER they diagnosed me as having a "threaten miscarraige". When the dr. came in to talk to us, he did say that bleeding/spotting was normal during pregnancy, and that he could see on the u/s where the bleeding is coming from, so that I was just to be on restricted activity and take it easy, and be out of work until further notice. Since I had no bleeding or spotting with Asher and the only time that I had any was the last time I had a miscarraige, I was a little nervous, but still having faith that God was in control.

Then after the u/s and bloodwork I had done in the ER, I had another blood test done on Tues. the 15 and then another u/s done on Thurs. the 17. , then on Fri. the 18 I recieved a call from the ob that I am going to now that they wanted to see me that day. So, I went in at 11:00am that morning, to find out that the pregnancy had not been a good one, but that I hadn't passed it yet, and my hormone levels were still high because my body was trying to hold on to this one.
So they scheduled me for a D&C on Monday, the 21. I went into same day surgery dept. at about 2:45 and went into surgery about 5:00, and got out about 5:30. Then we returned home about 6:00-6:15. I since then have been out of work, and on tylenol with Codeine (powerful stuff let me tell you--but hey, I'm not in pain). I am going back to work tomorrow for the first time since Sept. 11.
I am still feeling very emotionally drained and also still in pain a lot.
Please pray for me that the transition back to work will be a good one, and pray for our family during this hard emotional time.

I will be glad to talk to anyone about it or just be there to listen to you. Just send me a message and I will give you my email address.

One of the other things I have realized is that in God's timing we WILL get our baby, ,and for now Asher is the only one that we are to have. I am FULLY enjoying Asher and starting to realize that if he is going to be our only one than that is God's Will for us.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where has it gone? I can't believe that Saturday is already Aug. 1st. That's just not right.Well, as I sit here at 12:31 on Thursday afternoon while the lil man is taking his daily nap, I ponder the happenings and such of July. Although July has been filled with laughter and lots of fun, it has also been filled with tears and learning.Our family suffered a crisis during July 4th-July 11th. I have come to learn through it and trust in God more now that I ever have before. During that week, He showed himself to me in ways that I have NEVER seen Him before.As you can see I have embeded a video that I came across on you tube. Now for those of you who don't know....Casting Crowns has a VERY special place in my heart. They are not only my absolute FAVORITE band, but I have a personal connection to Mark Hall who is the lead singer.Anyway, this song is called Praise You In This Storm. How awesome! That's all I can say. This song has helped me through MANY a trials. Now, don't get me wrong, ALL thier songs are awesome, but I REALLY like this one.Now, I know that this blog has been all over the place as far as my thoughts go, but I challenge you to listen to the song, and hear the words as they are being sung.

(sorry, I couldn't figure out how to embed the video from youtube, so you will have to click on the link to hear the song.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm back!

Well, after a couple months hiatus....I'm back. Please forgive me for not posting, but things have not been normal around here latley.
Well, we are now moved in to our house...not fully unpacked yet, but we are getting there slowly. I am enjoying this house much better than the other house we were in. Yes, there was more storage space (the other house had a full size basement and a garage), but this one is just layed out better and all.
Here is a lil update about our family. Of course, nothing has really changed but hey:

Kent-still a mgr. for McDonalds and works VERY hard to provide for our family and in the process of working for McDonalds..also works for the church as the interim music minister and the bi-vocational minister of students (that particular phrasiology is chosen as to incorporate not only the youth, but also the college age kids). So needless to say, Kent stays a pretty busy man, but still manages to spend time with myself and our son in the process.

Asher-He is still a VERY VERY active lil man. He just turned two on May 16th and has more energy of ANYONE that I have EVER seen. He just started @ a different pre-school a couple weeks ago, and seems to like it. So far it seems to really be a good thing for him. There are more activities and he seems to get more one on one attention. He has activities such as water day, moon bounce day, etc. They are VERY good with him and his vocabulary has REALLY improved A LOT latley, so we are VERY proud of him in that way. Well, we are VERY proud of him with whatever he does, but no worries...we aren't bias or anything. :)

Jodie (Me)-I am transferring to a different store in a week, and REALLY looking forward to making a fresh/new start and meeting new people. I am REALLY likeing the company and am THRILLED to be staying with them. I am still loving being home with my son when I have the opportunity too, but in the say and age....the economy makes it pretty near impossible for mothers to stay home with the kids, ya know?
I am still standing by Kent in his ministry (though it's a tough road sometimes) and supporting him EVERY step of the way. I am really enjoying getting to know that youth of our church more and more as well. I pray God continues to allow me to get to know that in the weeks/months/years to come.

Well, that is it for now. More later. I must go tend to the dishes and other wifely duties. :D

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The House!!

Well, I want to first start by saying Thank You all for you continued prayers on the houseing situation. As many of you know, we were presented with the option to buy the current house we are in and in seeking God's will and leaning on Him for the decision, that is no longer an option. We did however look at a house yesterday, to rent for little more money a month than we are paying now, that is in-town Lewes. Unfortunatley I don't have pictures at this time, but will when we are moved in and settled. We have not signed any papers yet, so nothing has been done yet, yesterday the realtor told us that we he was going to talk to the owner and work up the rental aggrement. We are excited, but trying not to get our hopes us as we are seeking the Lord's will in this situation. If this is the house that the Lord has for us, we are praying that God will open doors and allow us to get into it. We are to be out of our current house at the end of May, so that gives just over a month to get all of our stuff packed up. I would encourage all continued prayers for our family during this time. I will keep you all update on any new situations that may arise.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Grace, Struggles, and Judging

I have REALLY been STRUGGLING latley with some things in my life and the sermon on Sunday could NOT have come at a better time. We were in Luke 6: 37-38.
Anyway, there is a song that I absolutley love and it seems to fit so well right now...and it also happens to be one of my absolute it is...
Many of you may not know the song,
The song is called Grace, and it is song by the Soundforth Singers:
Lord, as I seek Your guidance for the day,
I find my thoughts unyielding, confusion crowds my way;
but then when I bow to you, the challenges you guide Me through,
Your promises are ever new, I claim them for today.

Your will cannot lead me where Your grace will not keep me,
Your hand will protect me, I rest in Your care.
Your eyes will watch over me, Your love will forgive me, and when I am faltering,
I still will find You there.

Each new day's design is charted by Your hand and graciously revealed as I seek Your master plan.
Keep my footsteps faithful when from You I go. Return me to the joy that Your blessings can bestow.

Your will cannot lead me where Your grace will not keep me,
Your hand will protect me, I rest in your care.
Your eyes will watch over me, Your love will forgive me, and when I am faltering,
I still will find you there.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, my wonderful hubby was off of work this weekend, and we had a wonderful time together as a family. On Sat. morning, Asher woke me up around 7:45 (and those that know Asher know that is late, as he is usually up between 6:45-7:00), so I went in to get him ready for the day (what I thought was going to be a play/lounge around the house day), and then we got breakfast and both went downstairs to get laundry out of the dryer. So, then after all that was done we came back upstairs and went to his bedroom to clean up/organize (if you know me you know that I can't stand mess or unorganization) and so we were in his room cleaning and organizing and Kent came in and asked if we had breakfast yet. I said, "no why?" (I had eaten a little, and Asher wouldn't eat). He then preceeded to tell us that we were going out for breakfast. So, I finished what I was doing, got my shoes on and got Asher ready to go. We then went to breakfast and then went to Wal Mart. When we got home we played outside (photos on Facebook) and got some pics of Asher in the flowers and in the back yard (exploring). We had a wonderful family day yesterday. This morning we all got up around 7:30 and got ready for church (which was AMAZING I might add) then we had lunch at church. We came home and Asher took his nap and then he got up and we played together as a family and then Kent said "hey, I wonder if we could find someone to watch Asher for us so we can see a movie". I made a phone call and got a last minute sitter for him. We went to Fast and Furious! Go see it!

Yeah, I know this is short, but I just thought I would share. I will share more later.